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Rilevatore gas SF Detection modello SF340F per Ambienti domestici gas rilevati Monossido di carbonio

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Product Image
Product Image
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Rilevatore di gas
Rilevatori di gas
Rilevatore di monossido di carbonio
Rilevatori di monossido di carbonio
Gas rilevati = Monossido di carbonio
Applicazione = Ambienti domestici
Tipo di strumento = Montagigo a parete
Allarme sonoro = Sì
Allarme visivo = Sì
Sorgente di potenza = Batteria
Tipo di batteria = 9 V
Dimensioni = 170 x 110 x 65mm
Peso = 575g
Massima temperatura operativa = +40°C

Installation kit and full fitting/operational instructions. For a full range of gas detection tubes see typically stock no. 376-9875. SF340 Carbon Monoxide Detectors. The SF340 series of CO detectors are designed for fixed and permanent installations, officially approved and kite-marked to BS7860 - the British standard for domestic CO alarms.They incorporate a unique module replacement system. There are no re-wiring or main unit replacement costs - just a simple, clip-in module to change once every 5 years. This results in low ownership costs and minimal maintenance. Optional locking screws also ensure that only authorised persons can gain access to the unit. Battery backup - each unit offers up to 5 years battery backup for continuous protection, even in the event of power loss Uses advanced electrochemical sensing technology, specially developed for detection of CO at low concentration without being adversely affected by other gases, household agents or environmental changes Continuously monitors the environment for CO and provides an audible and visual alarm when concentration reaches 150ppm - the alarms continue if the gas remains at a dangerous level An internal diagnostic facility means the SF340 carries out continuous self-monitoring. If any fault is located in the sensor, battery or circuits, the unit will automatically give a warning signal within 60 seconds Complete 10 year guarantee on the main unit and a full 5 year guarantee on each sensor module Relay/interconnect option available, enabling connection to control panels, shut-off valves, remote alarms etc. This also allows numbers of alarms to be linked together in series. SF340E - 230V, 50Hz standard model SF340F - 230V, 50Hz relay output model (for relay and interconnect feature)
Altri termini di ricerca: 3900874, Strumenti di misura, Analisi su aria e gas, SF Detection, SF340F
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